About the event

You don’t want to miss the biggest ever freelancers summit in Serbia, where some of the most amazing individuals gather this fall to write history, to inspire others, learn, and set the foundations on which you, too, can build your freelance business!

Massive energy, the hustle, the grind, the sleepless nights, tenacity – and other secret ingredients of success – will be served from the pulpit as a twelve-course food for thought (see the program below). Oh, and let’s not forget the networking! We love the informal chit-chat, and there are 300 freelance talents you can talk to. And that means business, baby. Tic-tac, tic-tac... Register now!

12 Speakers

These cool kids will show you the ropes, let you in on their respective trades, and give you a sackful of ideas to boost your freelance business.

3 hrs Marathon

Wait! Don’t run away! It sounds like too much, but... you will love every single session along the way!

Ah, the Venue!

You will just love it! Welcome to the Vračar municipality (Opština Vračar, Njegoseva 77) Conference Hal, one of the best equipped conference venues in Belgrade!


The event is free! The spots are limited to 300 people, though. Register now and secure your spot. See you there!

our speakers

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Lea Skrinjar

Founder at Pax6

Pedro Gajic

People Operations, Freelance Recruiter

Nemanja Lazarevic

Content Writer

Nejc Novak

Engineering Manager at Povio

Bojana Kovac

Social Media Manager


Sourcing and Community leader, CEO

Marko Paunovic

Senior Software Developer

Cedomir Pusica


Alexander Shimanov

Graphical Designer, Lettering

Milorad Popovic

QA Specialization Lead

Kristina Ines

Marketing and Business Development Consultant

Event Schedule

19h Start

19 : 00 - 19 : 15

Freelance and business partnership

My experience says that having a right business partner can save the day! I’m going to talk about how this collaboration works, what are the greatest benefits and how to choose the right one.

By Lea Skrinjar

19 : 15 - 19 : 30

How I used freelancing to find my career and passion

How to land your first freelance job

By Pedro Gajic

19 : 30 - 19 : 45

Freelancing as a Content Writer

Everything you wanted to know about content writing

By Nemanja Lazarevic

19 : 45 - 20 : 00

Povio Labs Introduction

Povio Labs is your extra hand in development. Our goal is to make building software a great, quick and delightful experience.

By Nejc Novak

20 : 00 - 20 : 15

Social networking

Social Media Share and Freelancing

By Bojana Kovac

20 : 15 - 20 : 30

Introduction to TopTal platform

Everything about TopTal

By Toptal Speaker

20:30 Break

20 : 45 AM - 21 : 00

The magical world of freelancing

Would you like to be free, to work from most amazing place around the world.

By Marko Paunovic

21 : 00 - 21 : 15

The Language of Entrepreneurship

Freelancing as a language professional.

By Cedomir Pusica

21 : 15 - 21 : 30

Don't get lost on the freelancers path

Find out how it is to work as a freelancer from a small remote places around the world. All pros and cons

By Alexander Shimanov

21 : 30 - 21 : 45

Flying through freelancing

Let me tell you about an amazing journey through freelance career which made my childhood dreams come true

By Milorad Popovic

22:00 End

21 : 45 - 22 : 00

Sky is the limit

Are you ready to find out how to redesign your professional life from averagely paid office worker to four digit paid freelancer who enjoys every bit of it, in only 11 months? I may not have all the answer you seek, but I’m going to tell you how I did it. Brace yourself! Everything is possible.

By Kristina Ines

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